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Angel is another one of my sweet sanctuary kitties. I saved her from the shelter years ago when most did not make it. She was a feral orphan and she is still pretty much feral to everyone but me. Most people have never even seen her she hides when anyone comes over.

She was recently diagnosed with a disorder that effects her feet. She has fluid in the pads of her feet. This is a first for me. Trying different meds and will hopefully research to find some kind of a solution to provide some normalcy.

I spend a lot of time researching. ~ Patti Owensby

Angels for the Animals featured by Bluefield Daily Telegraph

with Buck

Kathy & Steve Tabor

Dee & Shontel Braun

Courtney Prayter

Patti Owensby

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Her face might be white but her heart is pure gold.

There’s a lot to be said about senior doggies.

I pulled this sweet old lady who unfortunately lost her momma. She was loved and well cared for, as she will spend the rest of her days. She loves pets and to lean into her person, long naps and playing with her ball. Miss Molly will be hanging out here with us and my pack of crazies until her transport.

We need more people willing to open their homes and their hearts to fur kids like these who just need some love and belly rubs until they head out on their next journey.

We are always looking for qualified fosters. Please contact us if you would like more information on fostering or how to help us continue to help them.

They need you...

We need you.....

And you never know, sometimes they show you how much you need them! ~ Courtney Prater

A.L.I.V.E is a 501c3 non-profit corporation who has worked diligently with Mercer County Animal Shelter since 2011 to try and transform it into a life preserving shelter instead of one that is labeled “high kill." We are making this happen by working closely with the shelter and surrounding communities to provide resources such as fosters, transports and vetting. We are currently transporting more than 100 animals each month to safety from Mercer County Animal Shelter and surrounding communities. ALIVE provides van rental, gasoline, tolls, vetting expenses, and volunteer drivers.

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