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Ms. Patricia (Patty) is the classic example of Rescue Done Right!!

From the dirty, severely injured stray found on a West Virginia backroad, to the enjoyment of being a pampered foster diva, to owning a snow day like a Boss from her new HOME! These pictures are classic examples of what happens when dedicated people from multiple groups come together and work in unison.

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                      ● ◇ ■ DUDE ■ ◇ ●

He was severely injured with multiple deep puncture wounds all over his body. He showed up stray, looking for a place to rest and perhaps find a meal.

By the time ALIVE was made aware of his plight, infection had set in, heavily in some places. He was swollen and in pain. The swelling in his front leg had increased to the point he could no longer walk. His good Samaritan carried him into the clinic where we had scheduled him and from there he became a member of the ALIVE crew.

Dude after.jpg
Dude after pic.jpg
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