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Frequently Asked Questions


This page is set up to answer most of your questions about who we are, what we do, and other questions we get asked on a near-daily basis. If you ask us a question and we do not get back to you, your answer may be here on this page.

What is the role of A.L.I.V.E. in helping animals in need?

  • We provide exposure for our local animals in need by providing photographs and information on the Mercer County Volunteer Facebook page in order to enhance their chances of finding a safe home via adoption or rescue

  • Facilitate the connection between adopter and rescue with the current owner of the animal in need. The current owner may be a private owner, shelter, Good Samaritan, rescue group, etc.)

  • Provide transport of animals to rescues and homes that are outside of our local area


How can I become an A.L.I.V.E volunteer?


What do A.L.I.V.E volunteers do?

      We have many opportunities for animal lovers to help save animals in need.  Examples:

  • Help with fundraisers

  • Help with transports of animals

    • Planning, loading, driving

  • Take photographs of animals at the Mercer County Animal Shelter

  • Transport an animal to the veterinarian for treatment or to prepare animal for transport


Do you have a Facebook page?


Where can I view the animals available for adoption?

  • Urgent animals are shown on the home page of this web site




A complete listing of available animals can be found here:

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